Recent Activities

Members of the Severe Weather Research Lab (SWRL)
gave the following presentations at the American
Meteorological Society's 26th Conference on Severe Local
Storms, held November 5-8 in Nashville, TN:

Improving tornado intensity estimates using operational
Doppler weather radar Mallie Toth, Purdue University,and
R. J. Trapp, K. A. Kosiba, and J. Wurman

Assessment and prediction of seasonal tornado activity: A
status update and application to the 2011 and 2012 warm
seasons Robert J. Trapp, Purdue University, and M. E.
Baldwin and H. E. Brooks

Trends in Severe Thunderstorms from High-Resolution
Dynamical Downscaling and an Artificial Neural Network
Eric D. Robinson, Purdue University, and R. J. Trapp and
M. E. Baldwin

Evidence of upscale feedback from recent tornadic storms
Joseph M. Woznicki, Purdue University, and R. J. Trapp

Probabilistic forecasts of severe convection with a WRF -
DART analysis and convection-permitting forecast system
Logan C. Dawson, Purdue University, and G. Romine, S.
Tessendorf, and C. S. Schwartz

Mapping Social Vulnerability to Landfalling Hurricanes in the
Atlantic Basin Dereka Carroll, NCAR, Dallas, TX; and J. M.
Done, D. Ahijevych, and G. Villarini

Former SWRL members Dusty Wheatley (M.S. 2004, Ph.D
2007), Karen Kosiba (Ph.D. 2009), and Nathan Hitchens
(Ph.D. 2010) were present, as were numerous other EAPS
alumnae, including Darrel Kingfield, Angie Lese, Tony
Reinhart, Kevin Van Leer, and Matt Eastin.